Even though it will not be a summer camp as we know it, there will still be a lot of activity during the summer weeks in Mariager. We will invest heavily in the generations. It is a great pleasure that we can complete the following tracks:

For everyone who has completed 5th and 6th grade.
Registration takes place at www.frydensberg.dk/kilifi-2

For you who have completed 7th grade and are between 14-17 years old. This year, GAF is from 3.-16. July.
If you register before 1 April, you will receive the GAF t-shirt for free.
Sign up at www.g-a-f.dk

UngSommer replaces MERGE this year, which usually runs together with Sommercamp Mosaik. It will take place for two weeks in the periods June 28 - July 4 and July 5 - July 11. It is possible to participate in both weeks or only one of the weeks. There is no age limit, as long as you are 17.5 years old.
Sign up at www.mariager-hojskole.dk/kortkurser

Summer college
Sommerhøjskole (Summer College) has a wide range of inspiring teachers who want to help expand your horizons and make you better equipped to face everyday life again. It takes place in weeks 31 and 32. Register via www.mariager-hojskole.dk/kortkurser/sommerhoejskole

Let us expect God to use this situation to create something new in our communities and personal lives. We will keep you updated on the content of Sommercamp Mosaik To-GO. So keep a close eye on our Facebook page.